How To


This page provides quick, click-by-click instructions on how to perform various tasks in relation to the myFSU Student Central system. The responsibilities and tasks required of your position determine if you are a view-only or transactional end user. In the majority of cases, you are assigned roles based on the specific Student Central training classes you take.


Perform Curriculum Management Tasks

Finding Items in Curriculum Management: Using Look Up and Search

Building a Class Section on the Basic Data Tab

Setting Associated Class Values for Variable-Unit and Multiple-Section-Enrollment per Semester Class Sections

Scheduling Class Meetings

Scheduling Multiple Meeting Patterns: A Class with Two Meeting Times

Scheduling Multiple Meeting Patterns: A Class That Changes Meeting Pattern Mid-Semester

Scheduling Combined Class Sections

Creating Multiple-Component Courses

Establishing Enrollment Controls

Setting General and Student-Specific Permissions

Setting Reserve Caps

Setting Reserve Caps: Beyond Basics

Creating Notes in Curriculum Management

Assigning Values for Distance Learning Classes

Using Ad Astra to Assign Classrooms to Meeting Times

Managing Enrollment: Orientation

Manage Textbooks and Class Materials


Run Batch Reports

Create and Print a Roster Batch-Process


Take First Day Attendance

Use the Attendance Roster Tool


Perform Delegated Access Tasks

View a Student's Delegate(s)


Search for Enrollment Actions

Use Enrollment Request Search to Research Enrollment Actions


Perform Enrollment Tasks

Access Class Search through OMNI

Add a Class to a Student's Schedule in Quick Enroll

Drop a Class from a Student's Schedule in Quick Enroll

Make Manual Adjustments to Enrollments

Create Enrollment Permissions

Override a Major-Restricted or Closed (Full) Class in Quick Enroll

Override a Time Conflict in Enrollment Request

Update Term Activation and Enrollment Eligibility

View a Student's Residency Status

View and Download Class Rosters


Troubleshoot Enrollment Issues When

A Class is Major-Restricted

A Previously Cleared Hold Remains

Enrollment Appointment Doesn't Appear in Student Central

Enrollment Appointment Is Not Open/Is Not Correct

Incoming Undergraduates with Bachelor's Degree Require an Enrollment Appointment

Returning FSU Students with Bachelor's Degree Require an Enrollment Appointment


Perform a Withdrawal

Posting a Withdrawal to a Student's Record


Manage Grades

Check Grade Rosters

Perform I/NG Grade Updates


Access Transcripts

View and Print Transcripts (Registrar Staff)

View and Print Unofficial Transcripts (All Other Admin Staff)

View and Print Unofficial Transcript (Advisors)

Request an Electronic Transcript


Use Graduation Tracking

Track a Student's Graduation Status


Perform Student Financial Tasks

Access Student Financial Online Tutorials



Search for Classes

Search for Classes by Department

Search for Classes by Distance Learning

Search for Classes by Honors


Manage Service Indicators

Release and Add Service Indicators

Mass Assign a Service Indicator

Mass Release a Service Indicator


Manage Student Groups

Activate or Inactivate a Student Group


Use Advisor Center

Links to Advisor Center Documentation


View Academic Statistics

Finding a Student's Academic Statistics


Perform Program/Plan Tasks

Add a Second Major in Program/Plan

Add Another Degree in Program/Plan

Change a Student's Major in Program/Plan

Change a Student's Primary Major in Program/Plan

Remove a Major in Program/Plan


Run Reports

Choose the Correct Dashboard for Your Reporting Needs

Run Queries and Create Excel Reports

Query Against Reserve Capacity Requirement Group Plans

Use the Textbook Adoption Compliance Dashboard

Use the Academic Standing Dashboard

Use the Grade Distribution Dashboard

Use the Class Search and Utilization Dashboard

Use the Course Catalog Dashboard

Use the Student Demographics Dashboard

Use the Class Scheduling and Enrollment Dashboard

Use the Student Academic Plan Summary Dashboard

Use the Grade Roster Archive Dashboard

Use the Instructors for Grade Rosters Query


Legacy Sort
Legacy Priority