Assign Values for Distance Learning Classes


Correctly assigning values to the Basic Data tab's Campus, Location, Delivery Mode, and Class Attributes fields, as well as to certain fields on the Reserve Cap tab, allows you to successfully build distance-learning class sections.


Possible Values for Prompts on the Basic Data Tab

Basic Data tab values for DL fields



The university has only three campuses:

  • Main (MAIN) Tallahassee, FL
  • Panama City (PC) Panama City, FL
  • Republic of Panama (ROP)



The University has many locations from which instruction originates. The value supplied for the Location field identifies where the instructor is located. For example, the Unicersity does not have a campus in London, but London is a location where instructors teach. Similarly, ONLINE is a value you can select to identify that the instructor is teaching in an online environment.


Delivery Mode

Delivery modes are tied to the course catalog such that when you use the Delivery Mode Look Up, you see only those modes applicable to the course section you're working with. The standard delivery-mode default for all face-to-face courses is 00. The 00 value is the only delivery mode that remains constant; it always indicates in-person, face-to-face instruction. However, a 01 (or 02, or 05, etc.) value does not necessarily indicate the same delivery mode "package" from course to course. For example, for a certain course a 01 delivery mode might indicate asynchronous delivery plus a certain technology attribute, while on another course a 01 delivery mode might simply indicate synchronous delivery. Always look at the Description field to confirm what you believe to be true about the delivery mode.


Course Funding Category (FUND)

This code indicates how the instructor is paid and/or how the course is funded.


Physical Location

The Physical Location field is where you provide a value indicating where the students are located. As with the Location field, there's an ONLINE category available so that you can indicate that students are receiving instruction in an online environment.


Course Funding Type (TYPE)

This code indicates how fees are assessed.


Requirement Group (on the Reserve Cap tab)

When building a distance-learning class section, you may need to reserve a certain number of seats (Reserve Cap) for students in a specific requirement group. Remember that you can narrow your search by typing one of the following in the Look Up's Requirement Group field:


  • RC= Reserve Capacity
  • SG = Student Group
  • PLN = Plan

Look Up Requirement Group

Requirement Group selected

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