Query Against Reserve Capacity Requirement Group Plans


If you need a quick refresher on some basics before proceeding, see the Run Queries and Create Excel Reports page.

  • Following the steps provided here, you can query to determine what plans are associated with the reserve capacity requirement group that begins with RC_PLN.
  • Cross-referencing the results of your query with a student's enrollment issue allows you to troubleshoot why he or she is unable to enroll in a class.
  • REMEMBER: Reserve capacity requirement group custom bundles are configured by the Office of the University Registrar. Contact Jeremy Johnson if you need a reserve capacity custom bundle defined. (For example, if an academic organization requires several student populations to be grouped together.)
  • BUT academic departments offering the class associate a specific reserve capacity plan-or custom bundle-with individual class sections.

1. Go to the Class Search and in Class Details, obtain the Group Name.

Class Search Details_Group Name


2. Go to PSQuery Viewer by navigating to Main Menu>Reporting Tools>Query>Query Viewer.


3. Search for FSU_SR_RQ_GRP_LKUP_BY_GRP. Click Search.

Query Viewer screen shot


4. When the query result appears, click either Run to HTML or Run to Excel as you prefer. (This example uses Excel.)

Run to Excel screen shot


5. After selecting a Run method, the report interface appears. In the Rq Group field, enter the Group Name you obtained from the class search. (In this case 011247.)

Rq Group value screen shot


5. Click View Results. A dialog box appears confirming you want to open the report results in Excel.

Confirm Open in Excel screen shot


6. Click OK. Your report results appear.

Results in Excel


NOTE: To look up a reserve capacity requirement group by the academic plan tied to it, follow the steps above but in step #3, use FSU_SR_RQ_GRP_LKUP_BY_PLN.

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