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After creating a new class section on the Basic Data tab, the next step in building a class section is to assign it a meeting pattern. The Meetings tab is where you associate meeting times with class sections. Only after meeting times are chosen can you assign a meeting space to a class through the Ad Astra application.




Main Menu>Curriculum Management>Maintain Schedule of Classes

1. In the Maintain Schedule of Classes Search Criteria area, populate the Academic Institution, Term, and Subject Area fields.

2. Click Search.

3. When the system returns the search results, choose the appropriate class Catalog Nbr. The Maintain Schedule of Classes>Basic Data tab opens.

4. Click the Meetings tab.


  • When on the Meetings tab, if you click inside any of the fields in the Meeting Patterns or Instructors For Meeting Pattern areas, the system might not let you exit the area if you don't finish inputting all of the required data.
  • If you accidentally click inside one of these fields before you can finish the task, click the Minus (-) button and the system allows you to continue.


To Schedule Class Meetings


1. In the Meeting Patterns area, click the Pat Look Up button (next to the Pat field). The Look Up Pat values appear.

2. Select a standard meeting pattern. The pattern's abbreviation appears in the Pat field (for example, MWF).

3. In the Mtg Start field, type the hour the class begins.

4. Press the Enter or Tab key and, based on standard meeting times, the system populates the Mtg End field.
For example, if you type 10 and press Enter or Tab, the system completes the Mtg Start and Mtg End values based on standard meeting times. (In this case, for a MWF pattern the system inputs Mtg Start = 10:00AM and Mtg End = 10:50AM.)

Meeting Patterns value selections


NOTE: If you manually enter a meeting pattern, the start and end times do not automatically appear after you enter the hour in the Mtg Start field as described in step #4 above.

CAUTION! If you must edit times, always edit the Mtg Start time first. If you edit the Mtg End time first, the system automatically adjusts the start time to align with a standard meeting time.


5. If you did not select a course topic while you were working on the Basic Data tab, do so now. Either click the Topic ID Look Up button to choose the course topic from the course catalog, or type a course topic in the Free Format Topic text box.

6. To have the topic to appear on the students' transcripts, select the Print Topic On Transcript check box.


REMEMBER: Selecting the Print Topic On Transcript check box automatically makes the topic also appear on the schedule of classes.


7. Click Save. Instructor information does not have to be assigned to save the meeting data. If you want to assign an instructor, refer to the Assign Instructor Roles topic.

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