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We are working to improve this documentation and move it to a new website. As such, the content on this page was last updated in January 2020 and may be out of date. For the latest information and documentation, please visit the myFSU Service Center.



Training & Documentation

Depending on your professional role, a basic-to-advanced understanding of the new myFSU Student Central system is required. The resources available on this website will help you gain familiarity and confidence operating in myFSU Student Central.

myFSU Student Central offers:

  • Greater flexibility in automating certain processes;
  • More effective identity management;
  • Far more detailed representation of a student's current and past programs of study;
  • and much more!

Training Classes

In order to obtain the security roles necessary for your position, you might need to take some online training. Please review the offerings listed on the Training and Documentation page of this site to determine what, if any, courses are required for you to learn about the system you'll be using to perform your job duties.


For those of you who wish to dive deeper into the system, spend some time in the Training Documentation section of this website.

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