Choose the Correct Dashboard for Your Reporting Needs


The descriptions below will help you decide which BI dashboard to use for your reporting requirements.


Grade Roster Archive Dashboard

The Grade Roster Archive Dashboard allows you to track the progress of grade submissions by college, academic organization, course number, and approval status, among other parameters. Using this dashboard, you can also see grade distribution statistics.


Student Academic Plan Summary Dashboard

This Business Intelligence dashboard returns reports that provide data about students based on academic plan, major, department, and/or college. Additionally, you can configure the report to return data that reflects university-level totals.


Class Scheduling and Enrollment Dashboard

This Business Intelligence dashboard provides users with data about class sections for a chosen term. One can retrieve information about capacity, enrollment, seat count availability, meeting days and times, facility ID information-including building abbreviation and room numbers-and instructor information.


Student Demographics Dashboard

This Business Intelligence dashboard was designed to replicate the functionality of the Student Demographics application found in Blackboard's Secure Apps tab. It allows the user to track students majoring in specific Academic Plans, Majors (Organizations), Departments, or Colleges. Additionally, one can query for total university-enrollment. These reports can assist in many aspects of administrative planning.


Course Catalog Dashboard

The Course Catalog dashboard returns reports in which courses are grouped by the academic organization's name and code. Report results include:

  • Course Number,
  • Course Title,
  • Minimum Units,
  • Maximum Units,
  • Effective Date,
  • Course Id, and
  • Course Offering Number


Class Search and Utilization Dashboard

This Business Intelligence dashboard provides the same reporting capability previously available in the Course Schedule Master. If you need to know how many seats in a class section remain open, or who is teaching a particular section of a class, this report is the one to run.


Grade Distribution Dashboard

This Business Intelligence dashboard allows you to track and report the distribution of awarded grades. You can view this information sorted by Campus, Location, College Offering the Class, Academic Organization Offering the Class, Course, Class Section, and Primary Instructor. This reporting aids in evaluating students, courses, class sections, and instructors.


Academic Standing Dashboard

This Business Intelligence dashboard returns reports that list students' academic standing within a defined academic community for a particular term. The list of students can be generated by college, department, academic program, academic career or by academic standing.


Textbook Adoption Dashboard

As an academic administrator, you can monitor your unit's textbook compliance using the myFSU Business Intelligence dashboard created for this purpose.

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