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General Information

What is myFSU?
myFSU is a brand of online resources offered by Florida State University. One of these resources—myFSU Portal—serves as a personal gateway to a variety of online tools you need to be successful on campus. Through myFSU Portal, students have quick access to the student information system where they can manage everything from academics to financial aid. Meanwhile, faculty and staff can use the portal to access resources to help them with advising, teaching, or administrative functions on campus. From the central location of myFSU Portal, everything you need to interact with the FSU community is at your fingertips.

For more information, about myFSU, visit the myFSU Portal support community.

How do I log on to the new system?
Log on to the system through myFSU portal (my.fsu.edu).

Can I search by FSUSN in Student Central?
No, but you can use other search criteria, including CampusID (also known as FSUID).

Can I search for students in any college or department, or only my own?
You can search for students in any college or department. To search for students go to Main Menu>Campus Community>Student Services Center and provide values for either the (Empl) ID field or the Name fields. To search for students in Advisor Center, look at the instructions under the first bullet at this location: /Staff/How-To/Links-to-Advisor-Center-Documentation.

What is a plan?
A plan is the same thing as a major, though it carries more information than the major code in the legacy system. However, students will still know plans as majors.

Why are there so many plans?
Each major has specific curriculum requirements. For example, an undergraduate working toward a BS degree must fulfill different curriculum requirements than a student working toward a BA or BFA degree. Likewise, a master's student working on a thesis must meet different requirements than a master's student pursing a non-thesis option. Having a unique plan for each type of major requirements allows us to track a student's progress and provide better advising.

How is GPA calculated when pursuing more than one degree?
If a student is pursuing both degrees at the same time, GPA is calculated using both degree tracks. If the student graduates with one degree, and then applies and enrolls for another degree, academic statistics are reset. If you think a student's GPA has carried over in error from one degree to another, contact the Registrar's office to have the issue resolved.

What is FERPA?
FERPA stands for Family Education Rights and Privacy Act. This is a federal law that governs and protects select portions of a student's record from release to third parties. The university may release any data that is designated as directory information. A list of directory information items can be found on the Registrar's website.

How can I tell if someone has a privacy setting?
Look for the window shade icon located at the top right of any transactional page

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Finding Information for an Individual Student

Where can I see a student's class schedule?
Log on to your portal. Click the SC icon and go to Campus Community>Student Services Center. Click the Academics tab. The student's class schedule appears there.

What Student Central functionality has replaced Student Locator?
Student Locator is being replaced by Advisor Center (for those who have access to it) or by Student Services Center (for those who do not have access to Advisor Center). Go to /Training-Documentation/Documentation/Find-it-Fast-Guides and click the Student Services Center PDF link for more information.

Can I see class units on the Student Services Center?
Yes. Units are displayed on the Academics tab under the Term Summary area under Classes.

How do I check pre-requisites?
At this time, use the student's unofficial transcript to determine if prerequisites have been met. Before this functionality becomes available in Student Central, it will be piloted. When prerequisite checking is enabled in the new system, an announcement will be made.

How do I check a student's residency status and citizenship?
Go to Main Menu>Campus Community>Personal Information (Student). Choose either Residency Data or Citizenship and provide search data as necessary.

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Academic Statistics

Where do I go in Student Central to See...  
FSU GPA by term

Go to: Main Menu>Campus Community>Student Services Center. Click the Academics tab. At the bottom of the page click the Term History link. On the next page click the Term History tab.


Go to: Main Menu>Records and Enrollment>Student Term Information>Term History>Term Statistics tab

Cumulative GPA by term

Go to: Main Menu>Campus Community>Student Services Center. Click the Academics tab. At the bottom of the page click the Term History link. On the next page click the Cumulative Statistics tab.


Go to: Main Menu>Records and Enrollment>Student Term information>Term History>Cumulative Statistics tab

Major GPA Is available only if the department offering the major has written it in. If it has been written in, you can find it at Main Menu>Self Service>Advisor Center>Advisee Student Center>Advisor Center tab. On the Advisor Center tab, click the student center sub-tab. Under the Academics area on the left side is a drop-down box. Select Academic Requirements and click the Go button.
If a student took a class for an S/U grade Go to: Main Menu>Campus Community>Student Services Center. Click the Academics tab. In the term summary area, select the term and under the Classes area the classes and grading basis appears.

On the Academics tab, what does the map status number indicate?
The map status number indicates if the student is on or off track.
0 = on track
1 = off track by one term
2 = off track by two or more terms and should see an advisor.

How do I view a student's transcript?
Transcripts are still accessed in the legacy system. So, continue using the unofficial transcript.

How can I query for currently enrolled students in a given major by graduate or undergraduate status?
Review this how-to topic: /Staff/How-To/Use-the-Student-Demographics-Dashboard.

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Advisor Center

What is Advisor Center?
The Advisor Center allows advisors a comprehensive view of an individual student's academic information, bio/demo data, service indicators, student groups, academic advisor contact information, and more. Advisors can search for populations of students by using the Search for Students tool. Faculty who play a role advising undergraduate students may find it helpful, too.

What is an Academic Requirements Report?
The Academic Requirements Report is an interactive report that includes mapping milestones for undergraduate students, and graduation requirements for undergraduate or graduate students.

What is a What-If report?
Students and advisors can use a What-If report to see how changing a major affects how the courses taken align with requirements for that major.

What is Search for Students?

Advisors and faculty may use "Search for Students" to identify and email currently enrolled students. This functionality is available through Advisor Center>Search for Students tab. Access this location for more information: /Staff/How-To/Links-to-Advisor-Center-Documentation.

Is there a "check all" button in Student Search to email all students?
Yes. Navigate to Advisor Center>My Advisees. Click the Search tab and then the search for students sub-tab. Select your search criteria and when the list is returned, scroll to the bottom and click the notify all students button.

Is Servscript moving over to Student Central?
Yes. The existing system will interface with Student Central to bring data over.

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Student Center

What is a to-do?
A to-do, also known as checklist item, is information displayed in Student Center to advise students that attention to an administrative matter is required. In the legacy system, this functionality was found in the Financial Aid Student Tool Kit.

How can a student find his or her dean's office?
From Student Center, in the Academics area at the top of the screen click the my Academics link. The academic dean's office is listed under the Academic Organization section.

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Do class rosters update throughout the semester?
Yes, they update immediately.

How do staff perform first day non-attendance drops?
Reference this topic on the Student Central website for instructions: /Staff/How-To/Use-the-Attendance-Roster-Tool.

How do staff access photo rosters?
To access photo rosters, you must assign yourself as a grade roster delegate to the class section. After assigning yourself to a class(es), log on to your portal. On the left side of your portal page under myFSU Links, a Teaching link appears. Expand the link and click Faculty Center. Then follow the instructions located here:/Faculty/How-To/Print-Class-Rosters-with-or-without-Students-Photos.

Is it possible to download rosters into Excel?
Yes. Follow the instructions here: /Faculty/How-To/Download-a-Class-Roster-to-Excel.

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ID, Access, Roles & Security

What is an ID?
An ID is your EmplId. An EmplId is the unique, nine-digit numeric identifier assigned to people in the University systems, whether they're staff, students or applicants. The number remains the same across all systems. For example, if you are an employee and a student, the same number identifies you in both roles.

As a faculty or staff member, how do I change my contact information?
You can manage your contact information through myFSU Links>Human Resources>View Personal Information.

As an advisor, how do I make sure my correct phone number is listed for my assigned advisees?
Go to myFSU Links>Human Resources>View Personal Information and update your Campus phone information. The change is reflected the following day.

Do students see academic advisors' direct contact information?
Yes. Advisors can control what phone number students see by updating their business phone in their OMNI HR record. Additionally, students can email their assigned advisors from their Student Center page's Advisors link.

Who can read advisor comments?
Until further notice, academic advisors should continue documenting student interactions using Student Locator's Advisor Notes Tool.

How do we update advisor information if we have staff changes?
Email Bruce Janasiewicz with new advisor information.

What is the Curriculum Management module, and how do I know if I need access to it?
Student Central's Curriculum Management module is the central repository for all applications pertaining to courses and classes. The three primary applications within this module are 1) the Course Catalog-where all courses are defined and stored; 2) the Schedule of Classes-where all class sections of courses are defined and stored; and 3) Combined Sections-where class sections are, if necessary, combined to represent that they meet at similar days/times, have the same instructor, etc. If you are staff or faculty who require detail beyond what appears in the class search, then you may want to request access to Curriculum Management, as well.

How will I access the new Graduate Student Tracking System (GST)?
Access the new GST the same way you currently do. After the new system is released, links in Secure Apps to GST will redirect to the new page along with the actual Web address for it.

What must I do to obtain a security role for the GST?
All users who currently have access to Graduate Student Tracking (GST) will be carried over to the new system. Some reports in GST will be moved over to OBI for the many benefits that it offers, and this will require obtaining some security access. The Graduate School will be handling the access requests to minimize the work to users and departments.

Why can't I view the student's calendar?
This is a known issue, and the team is currently working on the solution.

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Delegated Access

What is Delegated Access?
Delegated Access allows students to grant third parties customizable access to categories of information, and the ability to perform some transactions on their behalf, within the myFSU Student Central system.

What role allows me to view the delegate's allowed access?
To see what access the student has granted the delegate, you must request the FSU_DA_ADMIN_DISPLAYONLY role. Refer to the topic on how to request a role for further instructions.

Where can I find out how to view what access a student has given to a delegate?
Reference this how-to topic: How To View a Student's Delegate(s).

How does a student establish delegated access?
A student assigns delegated access by following these instructions:
Sign into my.fsu.edu and click the SC icon under myFSU Links. On your FSU Student Homepage, select the My Info tile. Go to the Share My Information section and select Delegate Access To A New Contact. Read the Share My Information - Terms and Conditions and select I accept to proceed. On the Share My Information – Details screen, fill out the Delegate’s name, relationship, and contact email address. Select the check boxes corresponding to the informational categories you want the delegate to be able to access. Create a four-digit PIN code. The system sends an email notification containing further instructions to the delegate. IMPORTANT! You must communicate the PIN code to the delegate. For security reasons, the PIN code is not sent in the delegate's email notification.

What can a delegate do?
Delegates have view-only access with two exceptions:

  • Financials - Make a Payment,
  • PLUS Loan Information categories allow a delegate to take an action. In the case of the Plus Loan Information category, the delegate can stipulate how he or she wants the refund check to be processed.

When is the PIN code used?
If a delegate contacts the university to obtain student information, you must verify the 4-digit PIN code to establish the delegate's identity.

How do I find a student's PIN code?
Reference this how-to topic: How To View a Student's Delegate(s).

How does delegate access functionality relate to privacy?
A student opting to give a third party delegate access to his or her records is overriding the standard privacy protocol for that particular individual for the specific informational categories selected on the Share My Information-Details page.

What do I do if I encounter the "Your PeopleSoft Connection has expired" message when I try to access a student's delegated information?
First, log out of myFSU portal. Then, clear out your Internet browser's cache, including browsing history, temporary Internet files, cookies, etc. After you have cleared your cache, log on again at https://my.fsu.edu. For more information on how to clear your cache, click here.

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When does the term move from future to present?
The first day of classes.

Can you bookmark websites on myFSU portal like you can in Canvas?
Not at this time.

In the new My Academics portlet, can the student see his or her overall GPA in addition to the FSU GPA?
Based on feedback, this requirement has been added and goes live August 26th, the first day of classes.

How can I see what the student sees on their Student tab in portal?
At the bottom right of your Faculty/Staff tab, there is a Student View link. Click that link to see what the student sees.

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What is happening to FSUSN?
In the legacy system, the FSUSN identifier masked the Social Security Number. Admissions will continue using the FSUSN until Spring term, 2015. After that time FSUSNs will no longer be issued because they are not used in Student Central.

Does this system allow enforcement of prerequisites?
It does; however, FSU is not implementing this functionality at this time.

Does this system allow the use of waitlists?
Although the system has waitlist functionality, it is not currently, nor is it slated to be, an implemented feature.

How do I tell if Bright Futures funds were dispersed to a student?
Beginning with Fall term 2013, scholarship information will be available to advisors through the Financial Aid Term Award Summary page. A security role is being developed for this access. More information regarding this issue will be provide in summer 2013.

When will AP/IB/AICE/transfer credits be available in Student Central?
All of of these academic statistics are located in the legacy system until the November release. Currently, an interface does exist between the legacy and Student Central systems; however, the interface often produces errors that must be manually revised. It is important that you use the legacy system until November.

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Existing Systems

What is happening to Canvas?
Not a thing. You can always log on and access all of the functionality you're accustomed to having from that site.

What is happening to Student Locator?
Student Locator is being replaced by Advisor Center's view data. Don't worry, though; it will still be around until Fall 2013.

What is happening to Student Demographics?
Student Demographics is being replaced by the Advisor Center's student search functionality. It will not be phased out of the legacy system until Fall 2013.

What is happening to the Academic Program Guide?
Nothing! FSU staff and staff at community colleges should continue using the Program Guide as a tool to advise students.

How are course substitutions being handled?
Course equivalencies are managed through the Student Central>Main Menu>Curriculum Management>Course Catalog. Equivalencies listed in the Course Catalog are listed in SASS. Individual Student Exceptions must be evaluated and entered in Student Central. Training on Student Exceptions and Transfer Credit Evaluations will occur in summer 2013. Contact Bruce Janasiewicz with questions.

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What classes are available to me?
Registration for training classes is coordinated by the Training Center. Go to OMNI>Human Resources>Self Service>Learning & Development>Request Training Enrollment. For a full listing of classes being offered, visit the Training Courses section of this website. If you have further questions, please reference the list of training team members to determine who might be the best person to provide support.

If I haven't had any training, where do I begin? The order in which to take classes follows: Take Student Central 101 first. After completing that class, if you are an advisor or need the ability to "search for students," complete Student Central Advisor Center. Otherwise, take Student Records 101. Both classes take less than an hour to complete online.

What accommodations are you making for training staff outside Tallahassee?
Some training documentation for Student Central modules has already been developed, with more pieces on the way. Universal Productivity Kit (UPK) tutorials, a glossary, "Find It Fast!" job aids, "Quick Clicks" job aids, crosswalk-type job aids and User Guides will be available from the Documentation section of this website.

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The RTQ Service Indicator

Does the RTQ service indicator affect a student's ability to register?
No. The RTQ Service Indicator, along with any of its associated reason codes, does not impact a student's ability to register. It only holds the release of an official transcript until the requisite review of the student's record has been made.

How can a student find out if he or she has an RTQ service indicator?
The service indicator appears in the student's myFSU portal in the My Tasks portlet under Holds. This icon simply indicates that the student's record is being reviewed. Again, the service indicator does not affect the ability to register or any other academic or enrollment activities.

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