Returning FSU Students with Bachelor's Degree Require an Enrollment Appointment


Returning FSU students are term activated with a Senior academic level, since the GPA reset can happen only after term activation occurs. The appointment assignment runs almost immediately after term activation and assigns the student to the Senior appointment time. The custom GPA reset process runs and sets the student's cumulative stats to 0. Both of these processes are automated actions.


1. To manually reset the student's academic level from Senior to Post-Bacc Undergrad, navigate to Main Menu>Records and Enrollment>Term Processing>Appointments>Student Appointment Block. Ensure you're on the Student Appointment Block tab.

Academic Level-Term Start value


2. Click the Academic Level - Term Start Look Up and select Post-Bacc Undergraduate.

3. Click Save.

NOTE: In the subsequent term, the student's status is activated with an academic level of Post-Bacc.

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