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Assign Instructor Roles


How to Assign Instructors and Contact Hours


These instructions assume you have already navigated to Main Menu>Curriculum Management>Schedule Classes>Maintain Schedule of Classes.


1. In the Instructors for Meeting Pattern area on the Assignment tab, click the drop-down arrow next to the Instructor Role field. Select the instructor's role. Every class section must have a primary instructor assigned.

2. In the ID Empl Rcd# column, click the Look Up button to find the instructor's appointment.

Instructors for Meeting Pattern


3. When the Look Up ID_Empl Rcd# table appears, refine the search by supplying the instructor's first and/or last names in the appropriate fields. Click Look Up.

4. Select the instructor's name. The Department, Job Code, and Empl Class fields populate upon selecting the instructor.

5. Every instructor role, such as primary instructor, has grade Access types associated with it. In the Access column, click the drop down arrow and select the correct grade access for the instructor role.

NOTE: The Approve access type means the instructor can grade and approve grades for final submission. The Grade access type means the instructor can grade but not approve grades for final submission.

6. Selecting the Print check box allows students to see the instructor's name on the course search. If you do not select Print, the course search shows Staff.

7. Click the Contact Hrs tab. In the Assign Type drop down box, select the correct assignment type.

NOTE: If the instructor is primary instructor or record, then you must select an Assign Type of Standard. When you make this selection, the number of contact hours across instructor assignments must exactly equal the course contact hours. If a second instructor's Assign Type is Additional, however, the contact hours can be equal to or less than the course contact hour total. Total contact hours cannot exceed the total contact hours allowed for the class.

Contact Hours tab


8. Click Save.

9. To add a second instructor, click the Plus (+) button. Add the second instructor by following steps #1 - #8 above.

10. Add the contact hours for each instructor.

Total instructor contact-hours cannot exceed the total contact hours allowed for the class. Thus, if two instructors are splitting the contact hours for a class that allows 3 contact hours, assign each instructor a contact hour value that, when added together, does not exceed the total course contact hours available. (*see Note above). If you exceed the total contact hours available, the system alerts you by shading that field. (Your cursor is automatically placed in that field, as well.)

IMPORTANT! The Crs Cntct field always reflects a variable-hour course's maximum number of hours as recorded in the course catalog.

  • If the maximum-hours value as recorded in the course catalog is 3.00, but the class is being taught at only 1.00 contact hour, the 3.00 hour value appears in the Crs Contact field, nonetheless.
  • If instructors are splitting the hours, base the split on a percentage. Institutional Research makes the mathematical adjustment on their side.
  • The Workload/FACET feature is not currently active. When it becomes active, if you have security access to this feature you'll be able to enter a workload percentage for instructors. If you do not have this security access, the feature remains read-only.

11. Click Save.


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