Use My Planner


My Planner is a tool within Student Central that allows you to plan ahead for the courses you would like to take in future terms. For example, you may add Mapping Milestones to the Planner that you will need to take for your major, then assign those courses to a future term and year. Use My Planner to create a term-by-term plan of the courses you intend to take toward your degree progression.

My Planner may be accessed through the Plan link in your Student Center or through the My Academics section of myFSU Mobile. See the step-by-step instructions below for using My Planner in either of these platforms. 

NOTES: Adding courses to the Planner does not save you a seat in courses nor does it automatically enroll you in the classes. When your enrollment appointment opens for a term, you will still need to search for class sections, add classes to your Shopping Cart, and finish the regular enrollment process. You can also use Schedule Assistant to find semester schedules that work best for you.

Planner is a tool that is used predominately in advising undergraduate, degree-seeking students. Non-degree seeking students and the majority of graduate students will not have the ability to access a Planner Report. Graduate students should speak with their Program Adviser to discuss degree requirements if the Planner Report is unavailable.

Add Courses to My Planner in Student Central

Add Courses to My Planner in myFSU Mobile

Assign Courses in My Planner to a Term in Student Central

Assign Courses in My Planner to a Term in myFSU Mobile