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myFSU Student Central is the way to manage your academic life online! The information below provides information on system features and some clarification of terms. For step-by-step instructions on how to use various features in myFSU Student Central, check out the How To page. From there, you're well on your way to planning your time at FSU.


myFSU Student Central offers a number of valuable, and in some cases, fun tools to help you manage your time and easily plan out your future as a student at FSU. Some of the features that you won't want to miss are:

  • "Shopping cart" functionality that allows you to put classes in a cart so that you can plan your class schedule in advance, making it quick and easy to enroll after your window opens.
  • Lots of ways to search for classes, including day, time, keyword, instructor, department ("academic organization"), and liberal studies requirement ("enrollment requirement group").
  • The myFSU Mobile app, which allows you to search for and enroll in classes on the go. The app makes it easy to manage your shopping cart and add, drop, or swap classes from any mobile device. Download myFSU Mobile: App Store | Google Play
  • My Planner feature, which allows you to plan ahead for the courses you would like to take in future terms.
  • Schedule Assistant that helps you generate all possible schedule combinations based on your class selections, allowing you to evaluate which one will work best for you.

Terms You'll See . . .

  • Enrollment and Registration are synonyms . . .
  • An Enrollment Appointment is the same things as a Registration Window . . .
  • Your Career is your status as an undergraduate, graduate, law, medicine and non-degree seeking student . . .
  • Units and Hours are synonyms . . .
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