Access Your Academic Requirements Report

About the Academic Requirements Report

The Academic Requirements Report is an online degree audit that allows undergraduate students to see how their courses meet various degree requirements. The report also indicates which of your requirements remain to be satisfied. Within the report, you may view requirements for Liberal Studies, your major/college, as well as your Mapping Milestones.

Undergraduate students are expected to view their Academic Requirements Report at least once per term. Each semester, you will be prompted with a checklist item in your Student Center To-Do List when it's time to view your report in preparation for registration. Contact your adviser with any questions you may have about the requirements outlined in your Academic Requirements Report.

You may access your Academic Requirements Report from within your Student Center or from the myFSU Mobile App.

Accessing the Report from your Student Center

1. Log in to with your FSUID and password. Under the myFSU links area, click the SC icon.

Access Your ARR How-To 1.jpg


2. Under the Academics toolbar, use the drop-down box to select the link for Academic Requirements, then click the go-to button.

Access Your ARR How-To 2.jpg

Accessing the Report from myFSU Mobile

1. Log in to the myFSU Mobile App. From the main menu, tap the My Academics bar.

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2. Tap the Advising Tools icon.

Access Your ARR How-To 4.jpg


3. Tap the Academic Requirements Report link. You will be prompted to log in with your FSUID and password to access the report page.

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