What is myFSU?
myFSU is a brand of online resources offered by Florida State University. One of these resources—myFSU Portal—serves as a personal gateway to a variety of online tools you need to be successful on campus. Through myFSU Portal, students have quick access to the student information system where they can manage everything from academics to financial aid. Meanwhile, faculty and staff can use the portal to access resources to help them with advising, teaching, or administrative functions on campus. From the central location of myFSU Portal, everything you need to interact with the FSU community is at your fingertips.

For more information, about myFSU, visit the myFSU Portal support community.

How do I sign in to myFSU Portal?
Sign into the myFSU Portal by going to my.fsu.edu and entering your FSUID and password. From there, see a snapshot of your personal information or click any of the icons or links on the page to access Student Central, OMNI, Canvas, FSU email and more.

Do I need to talk to my adviser?
Absolutely! Your adviser has the most current information on majors, map milestones, minors, departmental opportunities, internships and more. Schedule building is only one of the many services advisers provide.

How do I find my academic dean's office?
From the Student Center, in the Academics area at the top of the screen, click the my Academics link. The academic dean's office is listed at the bottom of the page in the Academic Organization area.

What is a to-do?
A to-do, also known as checklist item, is information displayed in Student Central to advise students that attention to an administrative matter is required.

What is an Academic Requirements Report?
The Academic Requirements Report is an interactive report that includes mapping milestones for undergraduate students, and graduation requirements for undergraduate or graduate students.

What is a What-If report?
Students and advisors can use a What-If report to see how changing a major affects how the courses taken align with requirements for that major.

What is a class search?
Performing a class search allows you to see the class sections that are offered in a given term.

What's the difference between the shopping cart and the planner?
The shopping cart is a tool used in the current term's enrollment process, while the planner lets you plan for courses you might like to take in future terms.

How is GPA calculated when pursuing more than one degree?
If you're pursuing both degrees at the same time, your GPA is calculated using both degree tracks. If you graduate with one degree and then apply and enroll for another degree, your academic statistics are reset. If you or your adviser thinks your GPA has carried over in error from one degree to another, contact the Registrar's office to have the issue resolved.

How do I apply to graduate?
Log on to my.fsu.edu and go to your Student Center. Under Academics, click the drop-down box arrow. Select Apply for Graduation. This takes you to the Apply for Graduation page. Follow the instructions at this How-To topic to apply.

Why won't the system allow me to apply to graduate?
If you believe you should be eligible to apply for graduation and the system is not permitting you to do so, contact the Office of the University Registrar, Graduation Department at graduation@admin.fsu.edu or (850) 644-5850.

What is FERPA?
FERPA stands for Family Education Rights and Privacy Act. This is a federal law that governs and protects select portions of a student's record from release to third parties. The university may release any data that is designated as directory information. A list of directory information items can be found on the Registrar's website.

How can I tell if I have privacy settings on my directory information?
Look for the window shade icon located at the top right of any page where you input data. You must submit a Request to Prevent Release or Publication of Directory Information Form in order to keep your directory information private.

Can I pay online?
Yes. You can pay via e-check, credit card, debit card or FSUCard (if it is linked to an active account held with a University banking partner). We accept the following cards for online payments: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.


ID, Access, Roles & Security

What is an ID?
An ID is your EMPLID. An EMPLID is the unique, nine-digit numeric identifier assigned to people in the University systems, whether they're staff, students or applicants. The number remains the same across all systems. For example, if you are an employee and a student, the same number identifies you in both roles.

How do I change my contact information?
Go to my.fsu.edu and log on using your current FSUID and password. At the right-hand side of the student community on your portal page, note the My Information area. In this area, click the Enter Student Center link to view or update your information.


Delegated Access

What is delegated access?
Using delegated access functionality, you can grant system access to whomever you choose. Further, you can select what "pages", or categories of information belonging to you, the delegate sees in the student system. For example, if you want a parent to be able to see all of your information, but you want a sibling to see only your grades, you can customize access for each delegate.

How do I establish delegated access?
Sign into my.fsu.edu and click the SC icon under myFSU Links. On your FSU Student Homepage, select the My Info tile. Go to the Share My Information section and select Delegate Access To A New Contact. Read the Share My Information - Terms and Conditions and select I accept to proceed. On the Share My Information – Details screen, fill out the Delegate’s name, relationship, and contact email address. Select the check boxes corresponding to the informational categories you want the delegate to be able to access. Create a four-digit PIN code. The system sends an email notification containing further instructions to the delegate. IMPORTANT! You must communicate the PIN code to the delegate. For security reasons, the PIN code is not sent in the delegate's email notification.

When is the PIN code used?
If a delegate contacts the University to obtain student information, a staff member will ask the delegate to verify the PIN code to establish the delegate's identity.

What can a delegate do?
Delegates have view-only access with two exceptions. The

  • Financials - Make a Payment,
  • PLUS Loan Information categories allow a delegate to take an action. In the case of the Plus Loan Information category, the delegate can stipulate how he or she wants the refund check to be processed.

If I change my mind about letting someone see a certain category of information, can I revoke his or her access to the category?
Yes. You can revoke someone's access to any category at any time. Access the system in the same way you did to initially establish delegate access (see the How do I establish delegated access? FAQ above). Clear the check boxes corresponding to the informational categories to which you want to remove the delegate's access and click Save. An email is sent to the delegate informing him or her of the change in ability to access your information.

How does a university staff member know what information he or she can discuss with my delegate(s)?
Staff members have a system-view of the informational categories you've selected for any delegate(s). Before sharing any of your information, staff first identify the delegate's identity by confirming the PIN code. The staff member shares information based exclusively on the categories you've selected for that delegate.

How do I "re-send" the invitation to become a delegate if the third party deleted the original email?
Sign into my.fsu.edu and click on the SC icon under myFSU Links. On your FSU Student Homepage, click the My Info tile. Go to the Share My Information section and select the Send Email Notification button next to the delegate's name.

What do I do if I encounter the "Your PeopleSoft Connection has expired" message when I try to access a student's delegated information?First, log out of myFSU portal. Then, clear out your Internet browser's cache, including browsing history, temporary Internet files, cookies, etc. After you have cleared your cache, log on again at https://my.fsu.edu. For more information on how to clear your cache, click here.


Student Financials

I have questions about my student financial information. Where can I find answers to those questions?

Go to the Student Financial Services FAQ page by clicking this link.






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