If you need information about how to submit or view grades, please access that information based on your role as described below.



To review frequently asked questions about grades, visit the Grades-FAQ page.

To access instructions on using grade rosters in Student Central, visit the Use Grade Rosters in Faculty Center topic.

If you've approved a roster but need instructions on how to change a grade, go to the Change a Grade after the Roster Is Set to Approved topic.

To review instructions on using Canvas's Upload Tool, reference Use the FSU Canvas Grade Upload Tool topic.

To see instructions on how to request a grade change, view the Request a Grade Change topic.



For instructions on how to view your grades, go to the View Your Grades how-to topic.



For instructions on how to check grade rosters, view the Check Grade Rosters topic.

For instructions on updating I/NG grades, go to the Perform I/NG Grade Updates topic.

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