Curriculum Management How-To Topics


The links below provide instructional content on how to use Curriculum Management's various tools. These how-to topics are intended to assist personnel whose job duties include building departmental class schedules and assigning meeting spaces to those classes.


The content on these pages will guide you through the many details of:

  • building class sections;
  • understanding the various meeting patterns and assigning classrooms to your meeting times;
  • understanding reserve capacity requirement groups and reserve capacity sequences; and
  • correctly setting up enrollment controls, and best practices for ordering the steps involved in these tasks.
Finding Items in Curriculum Management: Using Look Up and Search
Building a Class Section on the Basic Data Tab
Setting Associated Class Values for Variable-Unit and Multiple-Section-Enrollment-per-Semester Class Sections
Scheduling Class Meetings
Scheduling Multiple Meeting Patterns: A Class with Two Meeting Times
Scheduling Multiple Meeting Patterns: A Class That Changes Meeting Pattern Mid-Semester
Scheduling Combined Class Sections
Creating Multiple-Component Courses
Establishing Enrollment Controls
Setting General and Student-Specific Permissions
Setting Reserve Caps
Setting Reserve Caps: Beyond Basics
Creating Notes in Curriculum Management
Assigning Values for Distance Learning Classes
Using Ad Astra to Assign Classrooms to Meeting Times
Legacy Sort
Legacy Priority