Reserve Capacity Rubric


A reserve capacity requirement group, sometimes simply referred to as requirement group, constitutes a specific student population that is defined by a plan or a group.

A plan (PLN) is an academic path, (like Interior Design or Statistics), whereas a student group (SG) is a non-academic path (such as Women in Math-Sci-Eng or Moscow). Students in groups are studying, but the group does not necessarily indicate the academic path. For example, students in the Moscow group might be studying any number of academic disciplines.

Based On Reserve Capacity Prefix Plan Abbreviation Plan Name
Student Groups RC_SG_    
Academic Plan(s) RC_PLN_    
    UG Undergraduate (BA, BS)
    GD Graduate Doctoral
    M2 2nd Major
    NF NF
    GM Graduate Master's
    PR Pre/Pre-Reqs Incomplete
    TH Thesis
    MN Minor
    PF Professional
    SP Specialist
    PU Pre-Reqs Incomplete/Upper
    AU Audit Undergraduate
    AG Audit Graduate
    CN Conditional
    NU NFA/Upper
    PT Professional Thesis
    LW College of Law
    MD College of Medicine
    CU Undergraduate Certificate
    CG Graduate Certificate
    CL Law Certificate
    EX Exploratory
    UN Undecided
    HN Honors
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