Search for Classes by Honors




Log on to Student Central. You can get to the Class Search interface by following any of the following navigational paths:

  • Go to Main Menu>Self-Service>Class Search, or
  • Go to Main Menu>Curriculum Management>Schedule of Classes>Class Search, or
  • Go to Main Menu>Campus Community>Student Service Center, or
  • Go to Main Menu>Records and Enrollment>Enroll Student>Search for Classes.

NOTE: Students can go through myFSU portal to perform a class search. Alternately, after a student is in Student Central, s/he can access the class search from the self-service page.




1. On the Search for Classes-Enter Search Criteria page, locate the Student Group field.

Student Group = Honors screen shot


2. Type HONR and click Search.

3. The search returns all classes designated as honors classes for the undergraduate course career for Spring 2014.