What is myFSU?
myFSU is a brand of online resources offered by Florida State University. One of these resources—myFSU Portal—serves as a personal gateway to a variety of online tools you need to be successful on campus. Through myFSU Portal, students have quick access to the student information system where they can manage everything from academics to financial aid. Meanwhile, faculty and staff can use the portal to access resources to help them with advising, teaching, or administrative functions on campus. From the central location of myFSU Portal, everything you need to interact with the FSU community is at your fingertips.

For more information, about myFSU, visit the myFSU Portal support community.

How do I sign in to myFSU Portal?
Sign in to myFSU Portal by going to my.fsu.edu and entering your FSUID and password. From there, see a snapshot of your personal information, or click any of the icons or links on the page to access Student Central, OMNI, Canvas, FSU email and more.

What is the difference between a course search in the legacy system and a class search in the new system?
They are fundamentally the same thing. Performing a class search allows you to see the class sections that are offered in a given term.

How can I tell how many students are enrolled in my class?
Once you have clicked the Faculty Center link (found under myFSU Links>Student Central), you can view "My Teaching Schedule" to view the Class Title, Enrolled Number, Days & Times, Room and Class Dates.

As a faculty or staff member, how do I change my contact information?
You can manage your contact information through myFSU Links>Human Resources>View Personal Information.


ID, Access, Roles & Security


What is an ID?
An ID is your Employee ID (EmplID). An EmplID is the unique, nine-digit numeric identifier assigned to people in the University systems, whether they're staff, students, or applicants. The number remains the same across all systems. For example, if you are an employee and a student, the same number identifies you in both roles.

How do I change my contact information?
Manage contact information through OMNI>Self Service>Personal Information.

What is the Curriculum Management module, and how do I know if I need access to it?
Student Central's Curriculum Management module is the central repository for all applications pertaining to courses and classes. The three primary applications within this module are 1) the Course Catalog-where all courses are defined and stored; 2) the Schedule of Classes-where all class sections of courses are defined and store; and 3) Combined Sections-where class sections are, if necessary, combined to represent that they meet at similar days/times, have the same instructor, etc. If you are staff or faculty who require detail beyond what appears in the class search, then you may want to request access to Curriculum Management, as well.

Why can't I add textbooks to a class section?
You may not be assigned as the primary instructor of record (PI) for the class section in question. Ask your department representative to ensure that you are assigned as PI. In most cases, if you were not initially assigned to the class section with that role, simply changing the role to the correct value corrects the issue. If, however, this selection is made and you remain unable to assign texts for the class section for which you're affiliated as PI, contact Jeremy Johnson at jjjohnson@admin.fsu.edu. He will determine if a processing error occurred and contact the appropriate analyst.




What is happening to FSUSN?
The new system's primary key, or identification number, is the EmplID. In the legacy system, the FSUSN was used to mask the Social Security Number. Admissions will continue using the FSUSN until Spring term, 2015. After that time, however, FSUSNs will no longer be required because Student Central does not use them.

Can I search by FSUSN in Student Central?
No, but you can use other search criteria, including CampusID (also known as FSUID).


Existing Systems


What is the difference between Canvas and myFSU portal?
Canvas is the main source for content related to currently enrolled classes and is the interface that faculty members use to disseminate information specific to single class offerings, such as syllabi, assignments, and readings. Course materials will continue to be available through Canvas (access available in myFSU Links).




What training opportunities are available to me or my departmental staff?
Training classes are available and are designed with the needs of specific audiences in mind. Please reference the training page for more details on how to access training resources.


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