Delegated Access

Delegated Access allows students to grant third parties customizable access to categories of information, and the ability to perform some transactions on their behalf, within the myFSU Student Central system. 

Available To

  • Students


  • Allows students to customize what delegated third parties can view and which transactions they can perform
  • Provides delegates secure access to the myFSU system using their own, unique sign-in credentials
  • Enhances communication between students, delegates, and the university regarding a student's information


To grant Delegated Access you must be a current or former student of Florida State University. 

If you are a new user to the myFSU system, you must create a new account by following the step-by-step instructions detailed in the initial account-setup email that you receive.

Delegates contacting an FSU department to discuss a student's account or information must be able to provide the Delegated Access PIN (see the Additional Information section below) upon request.

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To grant, accept, or view Delegated Access or information, use the following instructions:

Additional Information

Delegated Access PIN

During the process of granting Delegated Access, a student assigns the delegate a 4-digit PIN code. The student is responsible for remembering and communicating the PIN code to the delegate. The PIN is used by FSU staff for identity verification in the event a delegate contacts the university regarding a student's information.

Staff Delegated Access

Current FSU faculty and staff without student, alumni, or former student affiliations are unable to delegate access to their information in the myFSU system. However, FSU faculty and staff who need the ability to view/confirm that delegated access has been granted, prior to discussing a student's information, may do so following these instructions:
(Staff) How to View a Student's Delegate(s)



To report issues with assigning, accepting, or accessing Delegated Access, submit a support request with the following information:

  • Category: IT Support Services
  • Specialty Type: Logins, Passwords, System Access
  • Detail: Delegated Access
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