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Prior to the myFSU Student Central system coming online, Delegated Access was called Parent/Third-Party Access. Read on for more information about Delegated Access.

It's easy to set up:

  • Delegated Access is a lot like Parent/Third-Party Access. A student still registers a parent/third-party (delegate), giving him or her access to categories of information.
  • After a student registers a delegate, that individual receives an email containing step-by-step instructions for activating delegated access.

It's customizable:

  • Delegated Access allows a student to select categories of information that a third party can view, and if necessary, on which that third party can perform transactions.
    • If the student selects it, a delegate can now access financial aid information in addition to all of the items that were previously accessible.

It's secure:

  • Delegated Access offers increased security.
    • IMPORTANT! A student assigns the delegate a PIN code. The student is responsible for remembering and communicating the PIN code to the delegate.
    • The PIN is used by FSU staff for identity verification in the event a delegate contacts the university regarding a student's information.
    • This verification system provides even greater security for student information.

It facilitates communication:

  • Finally, the new Delegated Access enhances communication-between a delegate and the student(s), and university staff and delegates.
    • The page view a delegate sees and the page view a student sees are virtually the same. This allows the student to walk a delegate through the user interface, helping everyone stay "on the same page." All parties remain in the loop!

From the choices below, click the link that represents your role to obtain step-by-step instructions on how to use Delegated Access.


  • If you previously had parent/third-party access, as of July 1, 2013, that access is no longer available; thus,
  • if you are accepting delegate access from a student and your current FSUID is an email address, you must reactivate your account.
  • Do so by clicking the link under To create a new account because you do not have an FSU account . . . in the confirmation email.

For answers to frequently asked questions, please reference the FAQ Delegated Access category at:


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