Use Schedule Assistant FAQ

What Is Schedule Assistant, and What Can I Do with It?

Schedule Assistant is an application that will generate all possible schedule combinations based on your class selections, allowing you to evaluate which one will work best for you.

Keep in mind that you can continue to use Class Search's robust search  functionality to identify the courses you should take in any given semester. After making selections in Class Search, Schedule Assistant allows you to:

  • add additional classes.
  • build "breaks" into your schedule. For example, if you can't attend classes on Wednesday morning because of your work schedule, you can input a break for that time period, and Schedule Assistant won't show class sections conflicting with that block of time.
  • schedule travel time between classes. Perhaps you must walk from one side of campus to the other, and you need 30 minutes between classes. You can schedule that through Schedule Assistant's Class Padding feature.
  • "lock" a class such that it is always on your schedule and other classes are scheduled around it given what's offered during the semester in question.

When Should I Use Class Search versus Schedule Assistant?

Great Question!

In a nutshell, continue using Student Central to search for classes meeting the requirement designations you must fulfill, and use Schedule Assistant to generate, view, and analyze a variety of class schedules containing those classes you must take in a given semester. If you already know what classes you need, though, you can go straight to Schedule Assistant and generate schedules to look at.

SCENARIO ONE—If you're starting from scratch, and you need to search for a course that satisfies specific requirements . . .

. . . Use Student Central's Class Search to search for classes meeting those specific criteria. For example, perhaps you need a class meeting the Humanities Liberal Studies area and the Multicultural–X requirement. When you find a class section meeting those criteria—perhaps a specific section of REL 1300—pop it in your shopping cart. Next, use the Schedule Assistant application to add another classes to your schedule—say MAC 1105. When you click Generate Schedules, the specific section of REL 1300 you selected through class search will be shown with all of the MAC 1105 sections that don't conflict with it. You can continue adding classes through Schedule Assistant in this manner, knowing that the application will display only those schedules where sections of the other classes you choose don't conflict with REL 1300.

SCENARIO TWO—If you already have specific classes in mind but don't know which sections would work best together. . . 

. . . This is where Schedule Assistant is a great asset. Simply pop over to the application armed with the subject prefixes and course numbers you're interested in—let' say MAC 1105, BSC 2086, CGS 2100, and ECO 2013. Add these values in Schedule Assistant's Add Courses area. When you click Generate Schedules, Schedule Assistant returns schedules that work around any breaks, class padding, or classes you previously added to the shopping cart, given what classes are being offered during that particular semester.

Note that you may also identify courses fulfilling specific University-wide Undergraduate Requirements at: Keep both windows open for easy navigation between Schedule Assistant and Class Search or website. Remember to consult your advisor if you have additional questions.

Does Schedule Assistant Enroll Me in the Classes I Selected?

NO! Schedule Assistant does not enroll you in the classes you select through its functionality. You must return to Student Central and import your selected schedule to the shopping cart to complete the enrollment process. Again, Schedule Assistant will add the schedule you select to your shopping cart, but it does not enroll you in those classes.

Do I Still Have to Look at Class Details?

Yes, absolutely! It's only after the schedule is generated that the class section's details display important information, like if seats are being held for a particular student group, or whether the class section in question is an online section. In Schedule Assistant, full class details are viewed by clicking the Information icon after you've generated schedules and you're looking at the class as part of a schedule. Always read the fine print!

What Does "Locking" a Class Do?

If you want to ensure that a particular section of a particular class remains on every schedule that Schedule Assistant generates, you click the Lock icon next to that class. Just think to yourself, "If I like it, I can lock it!" However, remember that even if you lock a class, you still must import the schedule you select to your shopping cart to complete the enrollment process!

How Do I Make Sure I Have Enough Time between Classes?

It's easy to do! On Schedule Assistant's main page, just click the Advanced Options button to access the Class Padding drop-down box. Select from a list of five-minute intervals between 0 and 90. Do you need half an hour between classes? Select 30 minutes. Done! (Remember, however, that most classes observe standard meeting times and already allow for 15 minutes between classes. If you add more class padding to your schedule, you might have to alter that choice if Schedule Assistant doesn't generate class schedules that work for you.)


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