How to Assign Delegated Access

  1. Navigate to
  2. Sign in with your FSUID username and password
  3. Select the SC icon under myFSU Links to access your FSU Student Homepage
    myFSULinks_SCIcon.png (518×173)
  4. On your FSU Student Homepage*, select the My Info tile

    *If you are also an FSU faculty or staff member, you will access the FSU Faculty/Staff Homepage by default instead. Select FSU Faculty/Staff Homepage to choose FSU Student Homepage from the drop-down menu.
  5. Go to the Share My Information section and select Delegate Access To A New Contact
  6. Read the Share My Information - Terms and Conditions and select I accept to proceed.
  7. On the Share My Information – Details screen, begin by filling out the following:
    • Contact Name* – First and last name
    • Relationship – Relationship to the student
    • Contact Email Address** – delegate’s contact email address
    • Confirm Email Address – reentered delegate contact email address

      *The Contact Name you provide must be a valid name. Your delegate sees their name, and any staff person who obtains information on behalf of your delegate sees the name you select.
      **Delegates cannot share an email address. The Contact Email Address you provide must be unique for each delegate. For example, if you are giving both of your parents Delegated Access, you must provide a unique email address for each.
  8. Select the appropriate information and operations to which the delegate should have access
    ShareMyInformation-SelectTransactions.png (652×638)
    NOTE - Use the Select All button to select all items at once. Use the Clear All button to clear all checkboxes.
  9. Create and confirm a 4-digit PIN code for the delegate
    NOTE – You are responsible for remembering and communicating this PIN to your delegate(s). This PIN will be used by FSU staff for identity verification in the event that your delegate(s) contact the university.
    ShareMyInformation-CreatePIN.png (742×111)
  10. Select Save. You will receive a confirmation email (see the example below), while your delegate(s) will receive an email message that continues the Delegated Access setup process.
    Confirmation Email Student Reference.png (809×570)
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Legacy Priority
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