Delegated Access

What is delegated access?
Delegated Access replaces the legacy system's parent/third-party application. Using delegated access functionality, a student can grant system access to whomever he or she chooses. Further, the student can select what "pages," or categories of information, the delegate sees in the student system. For example, if the student wants a parent to be able to see all of his or her information, but wants a sibling to see only grades, the student can customize access for each delegate. To access comprehensive instructions for accepting delegated access, please refer this topic: How to Accept Delegated Access Assigned to You by a Student.

How does a student create delegated access?

  1. Through the Share My Information feature in Student Central, the student registers a delegate or delegates name/s and email address/es.
  2. The student then selects check boxes corresponding to the informational categories he or she wants the delegate/s to be able to access.
  3. The student creates a four-digit PIN code that he or she must communicate to the delegate. The PIN code is not sent in any subsequent correspondence!
  4. The system sends the delegate an email notification containing further instructions for the delegate to follow in order to complete the process.

IMPORTANT! Please remember: for security reasons, the PIN code is not sent in the delegate's email notification. If your student hasn't told you the PIN code he or she established for your use, you'll need to remind your student to pass that along to you!

When do I use the PIN code?
If you contact the university to obtain student information, a staff member will ask you to verify the PIN code to establish your identity.

As a delegate, what can I do?

  • Financials - Make a Payment,
  • Academics - Enrollment Verification, and
  • PLUS Loan Information categories allow a delegate to take an action. In the case of the Plus Loan Information category, the delegate can stipulate how he or she wants the refund check to be processed.

Can my student revoke my ability to access information?
Yes. The student can remove access to any category at any time. Students are encouraged to communicate changes to delegates, but the system does send an email to you informing you of the change in the accessibility of information.

How does a university staff member know what information he or she can discuss with me?
Staff members have a system-view of the informational categories the student selected for any delegate(s). Before sharing any information, staff first identify you by confirming the PIN code. The staff member shares information based exclusively on the categories the student selected.

Can my student re-send the email notification?
Yes. If your student needs instructions to re-send the notification email, you can direct them to the FAQ here: How do I "re-send" the invitation to become a delegate if the third party deleted the original email?

Why can't I see my student's information? I've followed all of the instructions . . .

  1. You might not have accepted the Terms and Conditions. See Option 2 at the How to Accept Delegated Access Assigned to You by a Student topic.
  2. You might not have entered your Security Key. See step #4 under Option 2 at the How to Accept Delegated Access Assigned to You by a Student topic.
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